The NGVS (Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey) is a CHFT (Canada France Hawaii Telescope) large program, to survey 104 square degrees in the region of the Virgo clusters, from its core to virial radius, in u*g r i z , to a point-source depth of g ~25.7 mag and a corresponding surface brightness of g ~ 27.7 mag arcsec-2. The survey covers many different science topics. Visit the NGVS official site.

Within the NGVS collaboration, the researchers of the OAAb lead the working group to obtain distances based on the Surface Brightness Fluctuation (SBF) technique for the largest possible number of galaxies in this region of the sky. To date a catalog of about 90 distances has already been published, ~200 measurements for other galaxies have been obtained and will be published in a new catalog. Likely 200 more galaxies will be further analyzed in the future to complete the catalog.