Gen 5

Water ice at the lunar poles. A Radar Perspective

Giovedì 11 gennaio alle ore 15:00, il Dr. Sriram S. Bhiravarasu dello Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad, India, terrà il seminario dal titolo “Water ice at the lunar poles. A Radar Perspective“.


The search for water ice at the permanently shadowed regions of the lunar poles continues after three decades of the Clementine mission, which explored the lunar south pole for the first time using a bistatic radar experiment. Radar scattering from icy regoliths is an active area of research and requires new measurements from remote sensing observations as well as from lab-based experiments and numerical/scattering models. In this talk, I will show the evolution of polarimetric radar studies of lunar poles starting from the theory of radar scattering of water ice to observations from other icy worlds in our solar system, as well as some latest updates from recent lunar missions in this quest.


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