Mar 14

Supernovae in the multi-messenger era

Giovedì 21 marzo alle ore 15:00, il Prof. Enrico Cappellaro dell’INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova, terrà il seminario dal titolo “Supernovae in the multi-messenger era“.


In the last decade the all sky transient searches have boosted the supernova detection statistics and led to the identification of new classes of sources (SLSN, FBOT, ILOT, LRN, TDE, KNE …). These observations are both an opportunity and a challenge for a number of open problems concerning the late stages of stellar evolution, the mechanism of explosion and the nature of compact remnants. I will illustrate two science cases, one the identification of the progenitor of SNIa and the other the physics of strongly interactive SNe, in which a break trough may be achieved by a synergy of the new generation electro-magnetic facilities with multi-messenger gravitational waves and neutrinos detectors.

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